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Catawba 3 Point Trailer Mover

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Introducing our 3-point trailer mover, the ultimate solution for effortlessly maneuvering trailers on and off your farm or worksite. With this attachment mounted to your tractor's 3-point hitch, you can save time and effort while efficiently moving heavy trailers. Built with durability in mind, our trailer mover is designed to withstand the challenges of bumpy farm roads and constant use. You can trust its robust construction to deliver long-term performance. Safety is also a top priority. Experience controlled and precise movements, ensuring peace of mind in busy worksites and properties.



The Catawba 3 Point Trailer Mover Features

  • 3 point hitch receiver made thick heavy duty steel construction, the Catawba Attachment 3 Point Trailer Hitch will neither break nor deform. Quick Attach Compatible
  • Quick attach compatible
  • 2 5/16″ gooseneck ball included.
  • Fits all Category 1 tractors
  • Color: Cat Yellow – one color speeds up production times
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Grade 50 High Strength Steel

We use Grade 50 high-strength steel, a type of structural steel known for its exceptional strength and durability. It has a minimum yield strength of 50 ksi (kips per square inch), making it great for bearing heavy loads and maintaining stability in tough conditions.

One Year Factory Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our one-year factory warranty on the Catawba 3 Point Trailer Mover. We stand behind the quality and durability of our products, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects or faults that may arise during normal use of the attachment within the first year from the date of purchase. Whether you’re using our attachments for landscaping, agriculture, or any other application, you can trust that they’re built to last.

The Catawba 3 Point Trailer Mover Spec Sheet:

View the Catawba 3 Point Trailer Mover Spec Sheet

The Catawba 3 Point Trailer Mover Can Be used in the following:

Moving Trailers:

The primary purpose of a 3-point trailer mover is to move trailers from one location to another without the need for a separate towing vehicle. This can include moving utility trailers, livestock trailers, boat trailers, or other towable implements.

Positioning Trailers

Trailer movers are useful for accurately positioning trailers in tight or confined spaces, such as storage yards, barns, or workshops.

Loading and Unloading

Trailer movers can assist in loading and unloading trailers by providing precise control and maneuverability during the process.


In agricultural or industrial settings, trailer movers can be used to transport trailers loaded with equipment, supplies, or harvested crops between different areas of a property or worksite.

Organization and Storage

Trailer movers help keep trailers organized and stored efficiently, allowing operators to easily access and move trailers as needed.