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Farm-Maxx Enorossi Sickle Bar Mower

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Review Farm-Maxx Enorossi Sickle Bar Mower

The FSBM Sickle Bar Mower is ideal for small hay operations and ditch or bank mowing. The rugged and simple construction assures years of trouble free performance. Available in manual and hydraulic fold configurations, these mowers are sure to impress! This sickle mower is available with a manual lift, or a hydraulic lift, and can make mowing in dangerous places much safer. The simple design is built sturdy, so you should have many trouble free years of mowing ahead with a top quality sickle bar mower.

The Farm-Maxx Enorossi Sickle Bar Mower Features

  • Manual or Hydraulic Folding options
  • Double Acting Cutting Bar
  • Easy Change “Bolt On” Guards
  • + 90 to – 45 Degree Cutting Angle
  • Heavy Duty Safety Release
  • Extra Blade Bar Include
  • Powder Coat Paint
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