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Catawba Land Leveler

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A land leveler, also known as a land grader , is an essential tool for farmers. It is used to level, grade, and smooth the surface of soil to prepare it for farming activities. Ideal for gravel driveway applications, the Catawba land leveler can turn a time consuming project into a breeze. Easily use the land leveler by adjusting the top link to be level, and improve your driveway by material flowing over the first blade and leveling from the back blade. Crowns can also be applied by adjusting the 3 point hitch.

The Catawba Land Leveler Features

  • Made from grade 50 high strength steel
  • Disclaimer: Check spec sheet to confirm size to outer edges. They are oversized
  • 4”x4”x3/16” main tubing support
  • 3/8” Fully welding hitch plate
  • ¼” reinforcement rings on underside of tube cut out.
  • 3/16” Side Plates with replaceable 3/8” Shoes to prevent wear to the main unit.
  • 3″ Tube support along backside of hitch
  • 3/8” Angled blade mounting plates
  • Blades are set approximately 1 3/16” below the surface of the shoes.
  • Blades are angled to slice through material. The material will pass over the first blade, churn between the two and flow evenly over the second blade to create a smooth level surface.
  • Cat 1/2 Hookup compatible
  • 4 Hole adjustable shanks
  • USA made reversible blades
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Grade 50 High Strength Steel

We use Grade 50 high-strength steel, a type of structural steel known for its exceptional strength and durability. It has a minimum yield strength of 50 ksi (kips per square inch), making it great for bearing heavy loads and maintaining stability in tough conditions.

One Year Factory Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our one-year factory warranty on the Catawba Land Leveler. We stand behind the quality and durability of our products, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects or faults that may arise during normal use of the attachment within the first year from the date of purchase. Whether you’re using our attachments for landscaping, agriculture, or any other application, you can trust that they’re built to last.

The Catawba Land Leveler Spec Sheet:

View the Catawba Land Leveler Spec Sheet

The Catawba Land Leveler Can Be used in the following:

Land Leveling

Land levelers are primarily used for leveling uneven terrain, smoothing out bumps and depressions, and creating a flat, uniform surface for agricultural or construction purposes.


They are used for grading roads, driveways, and pathways, ensuring proper drainage and improving surface stability.

Soil Preparation

Land levelers are used for soil preparation tasks such as preparing seedbeds for planting, breaking up clods, and incorporating amendments.

Dirt and Gravel Spreading

They can be used to spread and distribute loose materials such as dirt, gravel, sand, or mulch over large areas.


Land levelers are used in landscaping projects to shape and contour the land, create terraces, and establish planting beds.

Snow Removal:

In regions with snowfall, land levelers can be used for snow removal by pushing, leveling, and spreading snow to clear driveways, parking lots, and pathways.

Erosion Control

They help prevent soil erosion by creating even surfaces that promote water runoff and reduce soil displacement.

Arena Maintenance

Land levelers are used for maintaining equestrian arenas and sports fields, ensuring a level and smooth surface for safe and consistent performance.

Catawba Land Leveler Reviews

  • Darren L

    I bought a 60″ land leveler and had it in less than 1 week! It’s big, heavy and performs great. The working width is actually more than 60″ and it has 5 ripper shanks whereas the 60″ units from other companies only have 4. I am very happy with the product and the service from everyone that I spoke to when I ordered – Will, Cody, Stephanie and Mark.