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The Catawba Story

Catawba Attachments, a living example of the American Dream.  We began in 1988 by Eddie Dellinger, a one man show. Eddie had a dream; that dream included his brother’s garage, a welder, a metal saw and measly four thousand dollar loan. Thus, Eddie’s Welding was born, and with a work ethic that Eddie still has to this day, the business grew rapidly.

Fast forward to 1990, Eddie’s Welding expanded to a new location, a bigger building and a small crew of employees. From simple welding repairs, to larger fabrication jobs, Eddie’s Welding did it all. The name spread and the business grew to handling tractor repairs, box blade repairs and general farm equipment repairs. The repairs spread into building farm equipment for locals and we have continued building farm and agriculture equipment ever since.

Today, we look a little different. We have expanded as a company and the second generation of the family has entered the business. Cody Dellinger, Eddie’s son, joined in 2018 and has helped expand the Catawba Attachment line up into more than the unmarked brand it used to be. As a family business that was truly built from the ground up, we take pride in each and every implement we build. We are committed to delivering exceptional products and personalized service providing complete customer satisfaction. When you decide to purchase a Catawba implement, you can rest easy knowing that you are not only a customer, but part of the Catawba Family.